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RTS 101 provides basic trailer parts information for the DIYer or for the business owner. For more information, please call Redneck Trailer Supplies toll free at (877) 9 REDNECK (973-3632)

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What types of trailer flooring are available from Redneck?

Rumber is a lumber replacement from 100% recycled tire rubber and plastics. Rumber takes the place of wood in many applications, as well as other materials that will deteriorate in the environment.

Is Rumber good for virtually any trailer application?

Yes. Rumber has a variety of sizes and styles of flooring for different types of trailers.

Are there other industries that also use Rumber?

Yes: docks and other water-related uses, oilfield platforms, and military applications such as pallets and dunnage boards. In any situation where wood is used and deteriorates, Rumber is a superior alternative.

What are the features and benefits of Rumber as compared to traditional wood trailer flooring?

Rumber advantages:

Environmentally friendly

Stronger and more durable than wood and other composites

Impervious to fluids

Will not crack or split

UV resistant

Is Rumber trailer flooring easy to install?

Yes. Rumber is easily installed using the “Rumber Installation Guidelines Sheet.” The cross members on trailers have to be closer together than using wood because Rumber is more flexible. You can use self-tapping screws to install Rumber.

What specific Rumber boards are best for horse and livestock trailers?

You can use either the 1 ½” thick tongue-and-groove board (which gives it added strength) or the 1 ¾” thick plank boards (which allows you to leave spaces to more easily wash out your trailer).

Are Rumber boards available in different lengths?

Yes. Rumber boards are available up to 24 feet long in half-foot increments. However, Rumber is always willing to try to accommodate customers with specific needs.

Is Rumber difficult to cut?

No. Rumber can be cut using either a carbide tip with 1/8” or a set ripping saw blade. Rumber also has a specially designed blade to cut Rumber boards. WD-40 or a mixture of very soapy water in a spray bottle can be used to lubricate the blade, making cutting much easier.

Is any special or costly hardware needed when installing Rumber?

No. We recommend the 2 ¾” self-tapping screws.

What installation techniques are required for Rumber products?

The most critical factor when installing Rumber is that the cross supports are close enough together to provide sufficient support for the boards. The cross-support spacing requirement is directly related to the weight carried on the trailer, and is listed on the Rumber installation guideline sheet. If there are any doubts as to the proper cross-support spacing, contact your Redneck Trailer Supplies representative.

Does Rumber deteriorate when left out or exposed to excessive sun?

No. Excessive exposure to sun does not affect the extended life of the product.

How much does Rumber cost as compared to wood flooring?

It always depends on what type of wood you are comparing it to. It is often more expensive than yellow pine or treated wood. However, since Rumber far outlasts all types of wood, its extended lifecycle makes it less expensive over time. Rumber is nearly equal in price to all types of hardwoods.

Why should I buy Rumber as compared to wood flooring or other synthetic flooring?

UV rays from the sun cause wood to dry out and crack. Wood also absorbs water that can cause rotting as well as create additional weight to the trailer. Unlike Rumber, wood absorbs oil, fuel, and fluids that make the deck slick and dangerous. Rumber is impervious to insects and termites that can also do significant damage to wood floors. 

Typically, Rumber will last significantly longer than wood, resulting in substantial savings. Rumber products have a heavy recycled rubber content that gives significant traction to the surface. In wet, icy, or snow conditions Rumber trailer decks are much safer than wood or steel decks.
Rumber boards also provide enhanced cushion when compared to wood boards. This reduces the wear and tear on the equipment being carried, which can also reduce cost to the operator.

Over the many years a trailer will be in service, a Rumber deck lasts longer, and therefore costs much less.

Does Rumber have a warranty?

Yes, Rumber does come with a warranty. The warranty is applicable as long as Rumber is installed correctly. Depending on the application, the warranty period is different. For example, if your application is livestock flooring, the effective warranty period is 20 years and is prorated after 5 years. For more details on warranty information, contact your closest Redneck location.

Where is Rumber manufactured?

Rumber is manufactured in Muenster, Texas.