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JUNIOR DISHES ON RETIREMENT, DAD IN TWITTER Q&A buy twitters followers Always a favorite of his fans -- and us here at -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. took to Twitter late Tuesday night to field questions. buy twitter followersEarnhardt hasn't ruled out eventually moving JR Motorsports up to the Sprint Cup Series, but don't look for him to behind the wheel of any entry.Earnhardt does seem to think that we could see some retribution between drivers this weekend at Martinsville Speedway, a notoriously high-emotion short track.And although some drivers may want to, don't expect anyone to mess with Kevin Harvick.The new Chase format has definitely drawn up the tension more than we’re used to seeing, and the changes Junior is proposing might kick it up a notch even more.Junior touched on the impending retirement of longtime on-track competitor and off-track friend Tony Stewart, who will hang up the firesuit following 2016. If she keeps working hard, she might be able to afford her first car to go with that shiny new permit.After the 39-year-old North Carolina native crossed the finish line in his No. 88 Chevrolet, he was met with congratulatory messages from fellow drivers and celebrity fans. "The world is right, right now—Dale Jr. just won the Daytona 500," Jeff Gordon said. "That's a sign it's going to be a great season.Earnhardt, Jr. was understandably overwhelmed with pride. "Winning this race is the greatest feeling that you could feel in this sport besides accepting the trophy for the championship," the NASCAR star told ESPN. "I didn't know if I'd ever get the chance to feel it again and it feels just as good.After his big victory, Earnhardt, Jr. could barely contain his excitement: "This is amazing. I can't believe this is happening.

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Twitter explodes with news of Dale Jr., Amy Reimann engagement

It's the news that "Junior Nation" has been waiting for ... Dale Earnhardt Jr. and girlfriend Amy Reimann are engaged. gain twitter followers free Many others are excited as well, including the NASCAR community, Junior's favorite NFL team and even a game show. Here's what they were tweeting Wednesday morning about the impending nuptial between Earnhardt Jr. and Reimann. LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers dropped the smackdown on the visiting New York Knicks 91-84 on Wednesday night.James pile drove his way to a game-high 24 points in the win, while Kevin Love added 23 points and 13 rebounds.During a postgame on-court interview with Love, LeBron did ... well, look for yourself in the above video. Isn't it awesome?Dale Earnhardt Jr. held an impromptu Q&A session with fans on Twitter Tuesday night.Junior was in quite the talkative — or would that be tweet-ative mood: The online chat lasted more than two hours.He covered questions ranging from the fallout from Sunday’s race at Talladega to what would it be like if he could race his father one more time. I never take this for granted, man because it doesn't happen twice, let alone once.Sherman is definitely entitled to his opinion, and he probably does genuinely believe that this is true. However, for as many people agree with him on this, there are a number of people that disagree. Dale Earnhardt Jr. was one of the people in disagreement and he had no qualms in letting Sherman know about it.Well, you really can’t argue with Earnhardt on this one. Even for those that aren’t the biggest fans of NASCAR, you simply can’t deny the mental skill that it takes to do the work in these cars that they do on a weekly basis.

Dale Jr. announces engagement to longtime girlfriend Amy Reimann on Twitter

Dale Earnhardt Jr. announced Wednesday morning via Twitter that he and longtime girlfriend Amy Reimann are engaged.Earnhardt, 40, is the son of seven-time Sprint Cup champion Dale Earnhardt and has won 12 consecutive NASCAR Most Popular Driver awards; there has been curious speculation about when he and Reimann would get engaged.He has alluded recently to the happiness in his personal life; after winning the 2015 GEICO 400 at Talladega Superspeedway, he said that "Everything is so good for me right now, and I'm blessed."The couple is vacationing in Germany, where Earnhardt has been researching his family's ancestry. He and Reimann both tweeted out a picture of the two of them in a Lutheran church that his family attended centuries ago; the picture showed an engagement ring on her finger.When you’re related to a celebrity, there are bound to be a few perks. Karsyn Elledge is the granddaughter of legendary NASCAR racer Dale Earnhardt, and Team Chevy’s Dale Earnhardt Jr. is her uncle. Yesterday she reached a big milestone and passed the tests to qualify for her learner’s permit in North Carolina, and her uncle couldn’t let the occasion pass without a tweet to his 1.13 million followers.What Dale Jr. and Kelley fail to mention, though, is that Karsyn is already a racer herself, and is pretty familiar with driving a vehicle. She races actively with Mini Outlaw go-karts and won her first 250 event earlier this month. Her father, Jimmy Elledge, is a NASCAR crew chief and helps her maintain her go-karts that are decorated with her famous grandfather’s number three and his paint scheme.Besides racing, Karsyn is a host of a NickToons show called “NASCAR Hammer Down” and, according to her mother, is looking for another job.

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