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Manage Social Media the Easy Way

When used correctly, social media is a great (and mostly free!) communication tool for reaching new and existing customers, building word of mouth for your business, elevating how to buy instagram followers your status as an industry expert, and extending the reach of your marketing. However, for many small business owners, social media also seems to require a huge amount of time for a questionable payoff, and most just don’t know where to start. The infographic below provides an easy-to-follow plan for managing your business’s social presence through each month of the coming year and answers the most common questions of “How do I use it? Why should I use it? What do I say? Who has the time?”

social media

The program side of social media

The program side of social media often includes initiatives where brands and companies perform outreach toward customers or engaging them in the hopes that they will advocate on behalf of the company or brand. Employee engagement is a similar model but focused on employees and it acts as an umbrella how can you buy followers on instagram over much of the social business infrastructure. When Nokia implemented an internal forum where employees could freely complain about the company anonymously, they in essence created a form of employee engagement where they are able to gain valuable insights. Companies such as McDonalds are known for engaging employees prior to launching major branding initiatives. Specific to social media, engaging employees in semi-public environments such as Facebook is where the lines between social media and business blur. Helping employees engage each other on secure internal networks can help ensure that they socialize internally since it’s likely they already do this externally.

Can I live with a 30-day plan instead of a 365-day plan?

You may have determined that you don’t need a business plan, but you most likely still have goals, objectives, and strategies for your business. Try creating a plan for the next 30 days instead of the next several years. It’s really difficult to say where you’re going buy instagram followers free to be a year or two from now, but a month from now is a different story. By not planning too far ahead, you’re able to stay abreast of industry shifts and more quickly adjust your business and your plans. But by thinking about potential pitfalls and playing out different scenarios in your head you won’t be in a panic if they do happen. I’ve read interviews with Uber CEO Travis Kalanick where he talks about the eventuality of self-driving cars. He might not know exactly what this shift will mean for his business, but he knows it’s an issue that he’ll face, and I’m guessing he’s spending at least a little bit of time thinking about how he might modify his business based on that change.

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