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Semantica Research Smart Social Media Summit

Semantica ResearchÂ’s Smart Social Media Summit brings together social media professionals, business executives, academics and other influencers from around the world to discuss how the online social experience in the age buy twitter account with followers of sensors and the Internet of Things will disrupt business, politics, health, AND other areas of International Affairs, paving the way for a fundamental change in the ways businesses and other institutions interact with people.The Smart Social Media Summit is a timely opportunity for policymakers, business leaders, scholars and other decision-makers to gain insight, share ideas, and access high-level resources on this fascinating and urgent topic.The Smart Social Media Summit will provide social business professionals with the unique opportunity to learn and obtain resources from other world-class experts in the field of Smart Social Media and use these for business success.

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The Science Behind Your Social Media Addiction

The siren call of social media can be hard to resist, especially when you're working on a difficult project, folding laundry, or doing, oh, anything less interesting than seeing what all your friends did over the weekend. And buy twitter followers there's actually a legit reason for Facebook addiction (and Instagram insanity and Twitter mania): According to a new study from UCLA, when we need a mental break, that's our brains craving social interaction. (As for Managing Stress: 10 Ways to De-Stress Anytime, Anywhere.)"The social nature of our brains is biologically based," said lead researcher Matthew Lieberman, Ph.D., a UCLA professor of psychology and of psychiatry and biobehavioral sciences. "When I want to take a break from work, the brain network that comes on is the same network we use when we're looking through our Facebook timeline and seeing what our friends are up to."

Function within relation

Thus far we have been tracking an operative software logic in which an individual is always being related to a documentary whole (for example, the tags and hashtags of a particular user are related to the tags and hashtags buy 100 twitter followers by all other users; a user’s photos are related to all other photos via a shared coordinate system). But while Instagram’s primary goal is similar to larger organizational documentation efforts, its user interface also has a secondary goal: to represent our collective visual experience differently from the ways it was represented before. Instagram signifies a new desire to creatively place together old and new — local and global — parts and wholes — in various combinations. If this is indeed true, and Instagram’s photo universe and its presentation addresses all these interests, how can we gain insights from the study of this large–scale global cultural dataset? What are the ways in which Instagram photos operate in relation to each other, and how can we trace these connections, relations and functions on a global and local scale?

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