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Yes, we can be located everywhere at any time. How?

Well it’s really simple if you have a device, any device as long as you have internet access. The most used geolocation technologies are GPS, WiFi networks, mobile networks and IP addresses. Now this can be buy arabic twitter followers good or bad depending on the uses that we give to the geolocation services. Today almost every platform and app uses geolocation to improve the user experience and as a security tool in case of emergencies, but also to send information to companies that process people’s data without proper consent. Geolocation it’s still a known and unknown territory.But we have options. Mobile devices have become friendlier with the years allowing us to set up with which apps we want to be visible to the world, in terms of geolocation, and privacy settings can also be strengthen.So what does this all mean? And here comes the positive side. It means that the boundaries have disappeared. We can communicate globally 24/7 with people and, more and more lately, with brands. This is the part that I find more interesting and here’s why:

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That’s where Genome comes in.

Most companies still use one-size-fits-all management tools and processes that can be traced back to the dawn of the industrial revolution. Case in point: Email is simply the modern memo – even email terminology dates back buy targeted twitter followers to the memo.Meanwhile, outside of the office, people’s personal lives have been transformed by the power of social and big data. Consumer usage of smartphone apps that customize the user experience and do everything from providing directions to a restaurant to helping select a movie, and even finding a date. Klick’s co-founders, Leerom Segal and Aaron Goldstein explored these outside forces and sought to harness big data and social technologies in a similar fashion to increase project consistency, engagement, and performance.Today, Genome is part of Klick’s DNA and provides employees with a personalized, simplified and enhanced work experience. All our employees log into Genome at the start of their workday and use it for workflow, goal-setting, administrative and reporting tasks, training and more. Genome is also a fully integrated “social” environment and features a dynamic and personalized social feed, providing positive feedback through kudos and recognition, profiles, etc.

Technology Infrastructure

Strategic Social is a leader in providing state of the art technology, consulting, and program management expertise. Our project teams are built from international subject matter experts and, local national employees in every buy twitter followers country in which we operate. Strategic Social helps companies and government agencies optimize their organizational performance, protect their citizenry and critical infrastructure, integrate complex technology solutions, and develop innovative solutions to achieve enduring success. Strategic Social develops large-scale information technology and security solutions from concept development through implementation and operational maintenance. We are a leader in providing high-end technology design, integration and implementation in the world’s fastest growing markets.A South Asian Holding Company interested in expanding into new markets and strengthening its business models sought our team’s expertise. Our on-site strategist and advisor now provides program management, business and strategy development services. Our efforts have enabled our client to achieve superior service delivery while facilitating rapid growth and internal mentorship.

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